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Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is when one person or a group of people aim to threaten, tease or embaress some one else by using a mobile phone, the internet or other technologies.

The main forms are:


-Instant messenger and chatrooms

-Social networking sites

-Interactive gaming

-Sending viruses and hacking into others compters

-Abusing personal information.

The effects of cyberbullying.
Even though cyberbullying cannot physically hurt you, it can still leave you feeling mentally vulnerable and very upset. You can also feel scared, lonely and stressed and that there’s no way out. Escaping cyberbullying can be very difficult. Because anyone can get access to a mobile phone or the internet almost anywhere, it can be tough for those on the receiving end to avoid it, even in the safety of their own home.

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Our charity advertising campaign

Our charirty advertising campaign is on Cyber bullying and our charity will be in NSPCC.
Our posters will be directed to children / teenagers around the age of 12-16, our posters may help parents become more aware of what there children/child is up to and what is going on in there social time.
Our campaign will be a set of three posters, in which the plan for them are below.

Poster one
A teenager (female/male) crying at their computer screen / phone with a black eye, with a arm / fist coming out of the screen punching them.

Poster two
A teenager crying at their computer screen / phone with a foot coming out of the screen.

Poster three
A teenager crying at their computer screen / phone with a hand ready to slap them coming out of the screen.

Reader profile

Gender: Female and Male
Age: 12-16
Religion: Any
Education: Secondary school
Occupation: Student
Nationality: British

A lonely student, quiet, no confidence. Doesnt care about their apperance.
Behaviour problems, does not attend school regularly. They are quite withdrawn from everyone, not doing well in school. No social life. No money. No respect.

Friday, 9 October 2009

This charity poster is for animals. The background is white, this helps the dog and the boxing gloves to stand out, the boxing gloves represent fighting, hurting someone or something in this case animals. The gloves are red that represents blood which also represent hurt. The dog is sitting down with its head down to the gloves, this shows that the dog is sad, and he cant protect himself, the dog cannot put on the gloves like we can, therefore the dog cannot protect its self. Also they have used this dog, because the dog does not look viscious like most other dogs, it looks weak and friendly which gives affect on the viewer to feel they need to help. The slogan 'animals cant protect themselves' makes the viewer feel pitty for the animals that are being slaughterd.
- Campaign
-Charity logo
-Contact info

Textual analysis keywords and meanings

Denotation - Actual / explict meaning - description

Connotation - Meaning behind / implied meaning

Representation - How the media re-presents things to us - stereotype?

Layout - How elements are positioned

Narrative - Story

Mise - en - scene - Everything in the scene: props, costume, Make - up, performance, facial expression, lighting and colour.

Editing - The way shots are put together

Sound - (digetic / non-digetic) - Digetic - They can hear

- Non-digetic - They cant hear

Analysis of charity advertising campaign

The only colour is the rattle (kids toy) and the blood. They are all primary colours - Childlike.
Red, blue and yellow are all bright colours, they are affective on the white background, it attracts the viewers eye.
The slogan 'dont lose control' is made to look like a child has wrote it - speaking to the audience.
The blood had looked liked it had been splattered against the white surface - suggests violence.
Kids toy - Rattle - shaped like a baseball bat, to represent the weapon.
-Charity logo
-Contact info
-Word anchor meaning of image