Friday, 29 January 2010

Practise shots

we took this shot to show that i was hiding under neath the table to get away and to show i was scared. The sheet beside me is to show the list i made of what i am scared of, you cant see clearly but 'computer' and 'phone' is listed. i have my legs tucked up and my head on my knees to show im scared and i am looking down at my list.
We also used this shot because this was more expression that i was being slapped. you can see the computer screen and would have been able to see the arm once was edited.

This shot has been taken from the back of the computer to show my facial expressions. Once this would have been edited there would have been an arm coming from the computer screen about to hit my face, to represent that i am being bullied from a computer and to show how i am really feeling inside.

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